The series of data points plotted against time is known as time series. It is a de-facto analysis technique used in market evaluation and in weather forecast. It is an exciting topic to study as it somehow tends to predict the future, which we are always interested in.

There are two types of Machine Learning(ML) models that are used for time series analysis:

  1. Temporal Dependence Model
  2. General Additive Model (GAM)

Temporal Dependence Model

We can make forecast of tomorrow’s weather by observing the weather of past few days. If the weather was sunny for last 4–5 days then there is high chance for…

If you have created a machine learning(ML) model and you want your friends to try it out, the best way to do is to deploy your model in a flask server. Flask comes way too handy for beginners who wants to work in deployment of ML model. Flask is a micro web framework written on python.

In this article, we will see how to create an ML model to predict Indian Premier League(IPL) first inning score and deploy it in Flask. If you want to view the app, please click here.

Creating Model:

Our first task is to create model…

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